There’s been a lot of discussion about fighter pay lately from well spoken guys like John Cholish, Jon Fitch, and Jakob Volkmann. And now, for a little more raw take on the subject from the one and only War Machine, née Jon Koppenhaver:

“Even the GSP’s/Anderson Silva’s are getting raped, yeah you/they THINK they are getting PAID, but when compared to Mayweather: RAPED!”

“90% of professional MMA fighters have ZERO health insurance.”

“And, just for the record, it is not just ME having these problems idiots, it’s ALL us guys fighting in ‪@BellatorMMA and the ‪@ufc”

“The ONLY MMA company I know of that pays their fighters fairly is ‪@americanamma , they don’t sponsor me but ya’ll should ONLY buy from them.”

“I do have ONE good sponsor though and that’s ‪@gardenofliferaw , and what do you know, it’s a NON MMA company, big surprise.”

“Good morning cheap [expletive] MMA establishment,while ya’ll continue being rich us fighters continue to train with all types of [expletive] up injuries”

“No wonder why Evan Tanner killed himself once his career was over, yeah I [expletive] said it, it’s TRUE! How many more of us will do the same?”

“And ALL of you MMA fighters who are seeing my [explective] posts and AREN’T RT’ing them have no [expletive]! You know I speak the truth.”

“EVERYONE in MMA is making money EXCEPT the [expletive] fighters! I bet Arianny Celeste makes more [expletive] money holding up a [expletive] ring card!”

“I’ll wear a BLANK shirt, a BLANK hat and BLANK shorts-no they won’t be blank, they’ll say, “MMA SPONSORS ARE CHEAP [expletive]” on them all!”

“All of you dumb [expletive] fighters need to start telling these companies to [expletive] OFF! Don’t accept their low ball offers, make them pay us fair!”

“You [expletive] clothing companies, promoters & managers get rich off of OUR pain and suffering ya’ll and have the nerve to nickel & dime us?”

“Here’s a big [expletive] YOU to all you cheap [expletive] MMA sponsors out there, kill yourselves, we bust our asses in that cage for PENNIES, [expletive] you.”

“You know what, [expletive] it, I AM gonna go buy a Lotto ticket! If I win I’m gonna give that money back to that ‪@ufc guy who got his bonus stripped”

Hmmm, maybe if he didn’t threaten to murder the president, didn’t repeatedly make controversial statements about the death of a beloved fighter, hadn’t done hard time for various assaults, hadn’t done hardcore porn, and basically hadn’t done anything War Machine has done over the past 5 years, he might actually have some half decent sponsors willing to throw him a reasonable amount of cash to associate themselves with him. I’m a little shocked he doesn’t have an ass waxing endorsement, but let’s be real here: Koppenhaver was and is a ticking time bomb. He might be done fucking people up in street fights (might being the key word there), but he’s never more than one controversial tweet away from tarnishing whatever brands he’s signed to represent.

Speaking of brands, Mr Machine is set to return to the Bellator cage on June 19th. Let’s see if he manages to not get himself fired by the promotion again in the meantime.