You might have noticed there were barely any posts on the site this past Tuesday. That is because I apparently have the immune system of a terminal AIDS patient and went through my second bout of the flu in under two months. These incidents have led me to think it might not be a bad idea to have a few extra people around to help out with Fightlinker stuffs so the site doesn’t grind to a screeching halt every time I am indisposed.

So I’m asking: DO YOU WANT TO BE A FUCKING MMA BLOGGER? Maybe we can work something out. We may not be able to provide you with fame, fortune, or the respect of our oh so polite commenters. But if you’re looking for an outlet to express your love for mixed martial arts, this could be it. Send me a quick email at [email protected] and lemme know what you’re good at (writing, giffing, graphic design, finding strange shit, sorting tiny screws in space) and I’ll give you more deets plus a (potentially sexual) homework assignment. We’ll see how you do and if you’ll fit in amongst us weirdos and go from there.