I was holding off on posting something about Wand-Chuck because I’m sick and tired of reporting ‘almost maybe’ news. I’m a sensitive motherfucker and I’m tired of getting my hopes and dreams crushed over and over by the general MMA news sites. I’m looking directly at you, Loretta Hunt. Just because I want to have sex with your vagina doesn’t mean you can get my hopes up about Ken Shamrock.

Anyways, things look firm enough now to make a post. Sam Caplan translated a post on Wanderlei Silva’s official site which basically says “The fight is happening on September 22nd”. So that’s good enough for me. Now we just have to see what the MMA Gods do to try and deny us this fight again. Perhaps Silva will get hit by a bus. Or Chuck’s penis will be sucked clean off by a horde of hot club bitches. Anyways, lets just cross our fingers and think positive thoughts.