[youtube 0_6j7mArFJg]

Watch Wanderlei Silva apologize (sorta) for dicking us around on April Fools Day. Okay, most of it is Wand snickering over what idiotas estúpidos we are for actually believing anything that’s said on April 1st. The only sincerity he saves for Mousasi, and it comes with a casual challenge to fight –

“I want to wish Mousasi good luck, and I am sorry. But if you don’t want to accept my apology, I am here and I also fight in the 205 division.”

He leaves us with a little tease of what could have been:

“I’m only not going because the UFC didn’t call me. But if they called me I would go. At a certain point I wanted my phone to ring. I told my wife if Joe Silva calls I probably will go.”