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Anton from BJPenn.com caught up with Wanderlei Silva and asked him what his thoughts were regarding a fight with Chael Sonnen. Wand worked himself into a complete giggling fit answering, so keep that in mind when reading:

It’s a good fight, he’s (Sonnen) a good fighter. (It’s) interesting for the public, interesting (for) the UFC .. I’m not the type to say ‘I’m gonna fight this guy.’ I take the guys offered to me, so if he’s offered to me, then sure … We can’t discriminate the guy because he has a style, a great promotional, he promote his name very well … Some things he say … I don’t believe the things he’s saying are true … He’s a joker guy, he’s fun like a clown. You can’t say he’s serious, for a clown, he just needs just the red nose, man. Because all the things that he do, he makes these guys laugh.

So basically Wand claims he’ll fight whoever the UFC asks him to, and admits Chael IS a good fighter – don’t forget his righteous wins over Okami and Marquardt! But he is also a big joke and a big pain in the ass, and I guess Wand doesn’t want to put up with three months of Chael doing God only knows what to keep people interested in his Pay Per Views. Wand also probably doesn’t wanna get put on his back for three rounds, which is where he’d probably end up if the two fought. That’s probably why he turned down Chael the first time the UFC offered him up. Will he do it again, all while laughing around and claiming in public he’d fight? I can only hope he’ll keep the charade alive – I don’t particularly want to see Wand pinned down for three rounds either.