Bigfoot Silva’s manager Alex Davis has some interesting thoughts regarding his client’s loss to Cain Velasquez. Not only does he think the thunder elbows Cain landed that sliced Bigfoot up were ‘lucky’, he thinks they should be illegal too:

The problem with this particular cut was not the size or anything, but the profuse bleeding into Bigfoot’s eyes. This is not an excuse, it is a fact. I am not here saying that wasn’t for the cut , Bigfoot would have won, nor I am making an excuse. What I am saying, again, is a fact. Had not been the cut, the fight most probably would have gone on, who knows what the outcome might have been, maybe Cain would have won anyways, maybe not. I also think that elbows on the ground should not be allowed. For the most part, they cause cuts, which are different then Kos, Tkos or Subs. They also tend to make a bloody mess, sometimes from relatively minor damage, and this does not help MMA as it tends to alienate many people to the sport. I didn’t mean in no way to diminish Cain’s victory, or make an excuse for Bigfoot’s defeat, but simply state a fact that myself, and anyone else who watched the fight, witnessed.

Call me crazy, but I always thought the whole point of ‘Ultimate’ fighting was to keep the rules to a minimum so the fighting is as legit as possible. Sure, we’ve had to add a couple restrictions in there so heads arent getting stomped through like over-ripe watermelons, but overall the less rules the better.