Vitor Belfort’s wife Joana Prado rose to fame in Brazil as ‘Feiticeira’, an erotic temptress who would reward or punish teenage boys based on their performance on a game show. I shit you not – it’s some pretty strange stuff and you can watch a gif that sums the insanity up after the jump if you choose. Just don’t do it at the office unless you’re allowed to look at greased up asses in thong bikinis. But definitely e-mail it to yourself for home viewing. That. Ass.

Anyways, Prado has worn many strange hats over the years but now it sounds like she is wearing the hat of manager for her husband. After news broke that Vitor Belfort’s next fight would be against Tim Kennedy, she gave a statement to Globo’s Combate site basically turning it down:

“It makes no sense for Vitor, who is ranked number 1, to fight number 2, number 6 or number 10 in this category. His next fight in the middleweight division will be against the winner of Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva. If the UFC wants him to fight in any other category above average, we are available. It can be against anyone, Tim Kennedy to Roy Nelson, but it has to be in the light heavyweight division or a catchweight. Even in heavyweight. Vitor wants to fight, but in his category only if it is the title fight.”

Maybe Google Translate is making this sound harsher than it is, but that sounded a whole lot like Vitor Belfort telling his bosses how things are gonna roll. And what a strange demand – that his next fight be outside the middleweight division. Is this just posturing to underline the point that he will not be denied a title shot for much longer? Does he just want have cheezeburger while waiting for said title shot to materialize? It all doesn’t make much sense, and I can only hope this is the beginning of many wacky and unreasonable demands made by Vitor’s wife to the UFC.