More book-readin’ ahoy for Brazilian MMA fans as Vitor Belfort has a new book out:

The Brazilian Vitor Belfort (Former UFC light-heavyweight champion, former UFC heavyweight GP champion), has released a book called ‘Lessons of Fighting, Faith and Success’, and it seems like being a writer and plans to launch another book in 2013, which has no title and no date for the release, the book should talk about ‘leadership’.

If you watched TUF Brazil you know that there’s nothing Vitor Belfort likes to do more than spout endless platitudes about leadership and faith. So it’s not much of a surprise that on the eve of publishing his first book there’s already talk of a sequel.

Hopefully there’s some interesting anecdotes in this book that get released by the Brazilian press. Belfort has a pretty big challenge ahead of him if he wants to knock out the #1 p4p best MMA book by Anderson Silva. In that tome, Andy admits to almost murdering his head coach, discusses wearing dresses as a child, and manages to start beef with several oldschool MMA legends. Can Vitor top that? At the very least, I’d love to know wtf was up with this: