While I initially figured the UFC would be as down for Vitor / Anderson 2 as they were for the second Cain / Junior (considering it is tailor made for the booming Brazilian MMA scene), it now seems like the UFC isn’t chuffed about throwing that rematch together as soon as possible. Who knows if that’s the UFC or Anderson Silva’s camp – despite what you hear about re: Anderson the artist-genius, he really was dead set against fighting Chael Sonnen again so that tells you everything you need to know about his blockbuster-sniffing ability.

It’s too bad, considering Belfort is showing clear signs of improvement since his last fight with Andy:

“Henry is the guy who makes my K-1 style. I’m training a lot with Tyrone Sprong, Zé Mario, Durinho and Andrews Nakahara. The team is really strong, Henry is a guy who’s trained grat fighters. I remember back in the Carlson Gracie times, I had fast hands but didn’t develop my legs. So I’m developing them and it’s been a pleasure. I see feet, knees and elbows are things a UFC fighter has to make the best of. At Blackzilians, we have the best trainers win all areas – said Belfort in the São Paulo press conference.”

A Vitor that uses kicks as well as punches is a scary opponent indeed. And of course then there’s the fact that he’s currently using TRT and Jesus knows what other kinds of scientific tomfoolery to grow himself the meatiest muscles this side of 185 pounds. Hey, if he’s going to do it we might as well take it into account when handicapping his fights.

As far as I’m concerned, the first fight barely happened – Vitor got caught halfway through the first round in one of the first real exchanges of the battle. Bringing it back to Cain / Junior, people were pretty hyped to see that rematch, weren’t they? If Vitor takes out another 185 pounder in brutal fashion, maybe we won’t have to sit through Belfort vs Sonnen after all. Maybe we’ll get Anderson vs Vitor in Brazil again, and it will be huge.