After Vitor Belfort flattened Luke Rockhold with a spinning back kick, Kenny Florian immediately started talking about another title shot against Anderson Silva. ‘Yeah, but what about his TRT usage and getting licensed outside of Brazil?’ half the internet community asked. According to Dana White, no decision has been made regarding a Vitor title shot but the TRT issue wouldn’t affect the fight or the location:

“There’s no plans right now with Vitor.  He just fought so we’ll see what happens.  It would make sense for those two (Silva and Weidman) to fight and that’s not far away, and then those two fight or Vitor could fight again,” White said when speaking to the media on Thursday.  “He could fight either one of those guys.”

“That’s up to them.  They’ll have to do a hearing or however they want to do it,” White said about Belfort being approved by another commission.  “We’re not keeping Vitor out of fighting from anywhere.  We had Vitor fight in Brazil because Vitor sells out in Brazil.  It’s all a bunch of conspiracy, f—king crock of s—t.”

Knowing the NSAC, Belfort could probably walk into a hearing and charm them into giving him a TUE pretty easily. These are the same people after all that bent over backwards to try and let Alistair Overeem fight on the UFC’s big New Years Eve card in Vegas. A Silva vs Belfort fight in Vegas would fill the hotels and casinos to the tits with flush Brazilian fans eager to get drunk and spend cash.