(“If you don’t agree to this fight, I’ll karate chop this baby!”)

Things continue to move fast in the 185 pound division as fighters scramble for the most meaningful fight they can get their hands on. Vitor Belfort called out Chris Weidman, but Weidman tucked dick and walked the other way. So Vitor turned his attention to Alan Belcher, who seemed more than happy to accept the challenge:

“(Belfort) ??????? Your call!! The fans want this and so do I 🙂 Hey guys, help me get the word 2 Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta), this fight should happen w ur help. include there names & talent vs. phenom.”

Who needs a matchmaker when you’ve got guys as eager to fight as Belfort and Belcher? So now the match is set for UFC 153 in Brazil. It’s interesting that fighters are starting to understand that running a decent public relations campaign is a great way to earn yourself some big fights. At this point, guys in the UFC’s 185 division have devolved into chest thumping and screaming ‘You wanna go???’ at each other, and it’s earned the two most eager beavers first crack at the #1 contender slot.