Do you remember TUF contestant Vinny Magalhaes? He kinda ended up as the poster boy for “Dudes with amazing jitz who still couldn’t hang in the UFC.” Since washing out of the promotion he’s gone 7-1, mainly under the banner of our favorite crazy Russians at M-1 Global. He even became their light heavyweight champ back in April! Unfortunately, their relationship is currently in the middle of melting down. Here was Vinny in an interview before last weekend’s M-1 title fight:

I’ll be honest with you, the belt was not part of my plans. When I first signed with M-1, it was all about the six fights they promised me and to go and get six wins. The belt came out sooner than I thought and I don’t to sound rude to the promotion but it doesn’t really mean anything to me. It doesn’t mean more than the wins. I want to get wins on my record so having the belt, not so much.

I’ve just heard rumors like the head of M-1 he talked about bringing me to Holland to train with Fedor. That happened before too. My manager tried to negotiate with them and at first they agreed to come, blah, blah, blah but then when it was time for me to go, they said, “A lot of guys will train with Fedor for free just because he’s such a legend,” but I was like, “I can’t go three weeks, not working. I have to pay bills. My son was 2-3 months old at the time. I couldn’t train there for free,” so I ended up not going.

So this time, it’s gonna be the same way. If they’re not gonna pay for me to be there, then I’m not going. It’s not like I’m all about money, but if I’m not going to be working at Xtreme Couture, I’m not going to be holding my classes, I’m going to be leaving my family and my wife doesn’t work so I want to support my family. I have to be compensated. You know, hopefully we can negotiate how that’s gonna work. If they decide not to pay me, then I won’t go.

Now that’s a very candid answer right there. Some might suggest it’s maybe even a little bit too candid. Just a smidgen, perhaps. “Screw the belt, screw training with Fedor.” Considering Fedor was probably just name-dropping Magalhaes to promote him as M-1’s champ, a response like that could possibly be construed as downright rude! Some words were exchanged between Vinny and M-1, and then things got even worse after Vinny’s fight. Here he is on Facebook:

After rewatching the whole fight, i just realized that everytime i fought for M-1 against a Russian fighter, i was the hand picked guy… i mean, i am assuming that after seeing one of the M-1 directors rooting for my opponent everytime he’d hit me, but not having any reaction when i’d hit him nor when dropped him. Thanks M-1, i appreciate your business, you can have your belt back.

And a social media bridge burning like this wouldn’t be complete without a tweet to Dana White asking “Hey @danawhite, how many more wins do i need? @ufc in 2012 for me?”

Well, for starters it appears that he’s 4 fights into a 6 fight contract with M-1, so he can start with two wins there. That’s if they decide to set those fights up. If M-1 contracts are anywhere near the standard level of anal penetration you see at this level of the game, Vinny might find himself benched for 2012 instead of in the UFC.