[youtube 4mOxHuLtZKw]

Do you ever feel bad for UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck? I mean the guy assumed the “dickhead” role very early on in his career, and now he’s been type-cast for life. Perhaps I’m over thinking this considering he’s kept to that persona for so long now. It’s quit commendable actually, and genuinely shows the kind of dedication it takes to consistently be the jerk-off.  At this point even something as innocent as Koscheck joking around with friends makes him look like the biggest ass-clown in the world.

I want to be clear about something: I really like watching Koscheck being Koscheck. He should’ve been considered the MMA version of Manny Ramirez if it wasn’t for the birth of one Nick Diaz. Nonetheless Koscheck has a unique relationship with his friends, fans and enemies. What’s so unique about it? Well the guy treats them all the same – as if you’re an annoyance to him and he needs you to leave, immediately. Whatever the case enjoy this hilarious video of Josh Koscheck giving UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez a wet willy – you’re welcome.