The Fight Network came out with this interesting tidbit from Brandon Vera:

Heavyweight contender Brandon Vera says he will fight two times by the end of this year, this in light of lingering contractual issues the 29-year-old has with both his existing manager Mark Dion and with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Vera stated yesterday in an interview on FIGHT NETWORK RADIO that he has parted ways with Dion, who also owns the City Boxing gym in San Diego, and will seek arbitration through the California State Athletic Commission as early as July.

Of course, this is the exact same story coming from Brandon back in March:

I’ve left City and am in process with the [California State Athletic Commission] for my managerial contract. I WILL be fighting soon, and it WILL be a good one.

Since then the closest he’s come to being in the ring is showing up on an episode of Fight Girls. Lame.