Hey! It’s another post where I say “Vancouver continues to be total morons about MMA!” For those keeping count, this is post number 8.

City of North Vancouver councillors put the kibosh on hosting professional boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) fights in the city, after voting to disband the North Vancouver Athletic Commission Monday night.

“I’ve watched enough of it (Ultimate Fighting Championship) channel surfing to know that I find it repugnant … barbaric,” said Coun. Pam Bookham in an interview with The Outlook.

The writing appeared to already be on the wall in March when councillors voted against spending $2,000 of the city’s 2010 operating budget to fund the commission’s objectives.

Pattenaude argued that the commission doesn’t need that money to continue its operations, saying that it could be self-funding by drawing on the financial support, by way of fees, of MMA promoters, fighters, and the like.

“Even the licensing fees for these events would go into the city’s coffers,” said Pattenaude.

You start to understand the power gap between the political machine of Vancouver city and their athletic commission when cutting the AC’s funding means striking a 2000 dollar line item out of a budget list. Where’s mayor Gregor Robertson, the guy Dana White was fellating as the champion of MMA, now? The UFC’s event there was last month – LAST FREAKING MONTH! And now the city has spazzed so hard you’d think Chuck Liddell gangbanged half the young women in the area. Knowing him, it’s always possible, but still. Isn’t it great to see the UFC staying involved in all this after rolling through town?

(story via ESPN)