After much politiking, it is official: BJ Penn will undergo VADA drug testing leading up to their fight at UFC 152. Gone is the stipulation that results be witheld until after the fight, and Rory is on board too. Well, the Rory bit is according to BJ Penn. Rory hasn’t said anything, and seems more interested in tweeting about an Edge Shaving Cream contest (hey, ladies) than saying anything about VADA testing.

It’s a good thing we’ve got an event coming up this weekend because Dana White has a lot of topics to cover. WTF is up with this light heavyweight contender shit? Why u no Anderson superfight? What are your thoughts on this VADA stuff? Is Dana excited that fighters have started taking the initiative on their own? Or is he more concerned that this could become just another stumbling block towards putting big fights together? Is he worried about losing another big fight via gypsy curse?

The good news is Rory and BJ are two of the few guys in the UFC you can probably rely on to NOT be on steroids. BJ has the physique of a pampered Indonesian brothel boy and while Rory has more bacne than Chael Sonnen, he also has a beautiful and sincere heart with no deceit in it at all. Okay, maybe that’s a personal opinion rather than fact, but I’d be pretty shocked if the Waterboy was drinkin juice.

BJ wouldn’t be surprised. For BJ this is more than just a publicity stunt. All this VADA testing seems to be an extension of his beef with Georges St Pierre’s Tristar team. Remember back in the day when BJ swore Georges was using? Yeah, you don’t need too many joints before you start assuming his teammates gotta be on the stuff too. Maybe Penn will demand the ref pay extra attention to wiping Rory down between rounds too. And then after the fight is over and BJ’s ass is kicked, maybe his mother will show up and cry about it again too.