One of the big problems with the Voluntary Anti Doping Agency seems to be no one is voluntarily using their services. They managed to have some nice success with BJ Penn and Rory MacDonald undergoing their stringent testing and then some not so nice non-success with Roy Nelson harassing all his opponents to use their service. And now they’re going straight for the real honey pot: being the official drug testers of the UFC. From head honchette Dr Margaret Goodman:

On 2/16/13, VADA sent a proposal to the UFC addressed to Lorenzo, Dana and Frank that VADA would help them set up a state-of-the art PED program with unannounced random testing for blood and urine. We indicated that there would be no adminsitrative charges at least for the first year. This would include education courses. We would use a WADA-accredited lab, certified doping collection officers and the results would go to the fighter, the UFC, the ABC/the official MMA record-keeper for the ABC, and the commission where the fighter held a license. I believe the UFC would save money, improve public confidence that fighters are competing clean, injuries would be less with fighters competing less on PEDs, and overall safety would improve. We also mentioned that although VADA no longer has THC in our testing panel, we would include it at their request. The testing would include EPO, hGH, CIR. To date, we have had no response, but we remain happy to discuss.

This kinda reminds me of a letter I got in the mail today: unlimited internet and full cable TV for 30 bucks a month. And then in the small print: *For the first 6 months, and then 109 dollars a month thereafter **With a two year contract. Well jeez, all of a sudden that doesn’t sound like such a great deal. Why agree to a year of free drug testing when afterwards you’re basically stuck having to go along with VADA for whatever amount of money they REALLY want? I continue to be absolutely shocked that their attempts to convince people to use their services via media pressure don’t seem to work very well.