(Hey, some people just don’t like Hooters)

I’ve been doing something crazy lately – I’ve been watching The Ultimate Fighter of my own volition. Not even for site content fodder – just the actual enjoyment from watching an entertaining television programme. I know, it’s crazy. But the people behind the show have done a great job of making us care about this particular band of tuffees. I dunno if it’s the overhauled production or the fighters themselves. Urijah Hall is certainly coming across as interesting, and apparently he does not like that. From his Facebook:

wtf is up these episodes lol all I wanted was to win a competition and I’m the bad guy haha this editing shit is killing me now I’m the sensitive guy with issues? lol in a way it’s good because all the rats come out its just funny how people can sum up your life that quick… I actually learned SOMETHING that most people live in a fantasy world just by watching welcome to Hollywood right? Keep watching thow I’m interested to see how this character plays out

Hall is probably referring to a couple of recent scenes on the show where he…

  • asked Adam Cella if his girlfriend was as big of a bitch as he is
  • refused to do anything but drink water and be a total downer during a trip to Hooters
  • stared silently off into the distance like a crazy person while his coach tried to get him to chill out a little

Not a lot of editing necessary to make those incidents seem a bit strange. Well, perhaps the silent staring bit got some magic post-production rub to put it over the top. But if so, they did a great job because he does seem like ‘the sensitive guy with issues’ slowly going crazy in the TUF house.

Unfortunately for the other guys in there with him, odds are he’s going to take that crazy out on them both in the house and in the cage.