If Dana White tells reporters you could be the next Anderson Silva, watch out. First it was Philippe Nover that not only failed to live up to those expectations, but isn’t even with the UFC any more. Now it looks like Uriah Hall is in a similar situation. Not only did he not win at Saturday’s event, he barely fought – or at least not with any violent intentions. If you were counting high fives and hugs as significant strikes, he might have gotten somewhere. Such as it is, he might be out of a job. Via ESPN:

“I love Uriah Hall,” White said. “I have a great relationship with this kid. He’s one of the nicest human beings you could ever meet; he’s not a fighter, man.

“If I could take [featherweight] Brad Pickett’s brain and heart and put it inside Uriah Hall’s body, there’d be some damage done. Uriah Hall has all the physical attributes to be amazing. He’s got speed. He’s got power. He’s just unbelievable. But he doesn’t have what it mentally takes to fight [in the UFC].

“I don’t know [whether Hall will be released]. I have to think about this one. I don’t like talking about stuff like that [at postfight Q&A sessions with media].”

It just goes to show you how fast your fortunes can change in a league like the UFC. It only took two fights for Hall to go from Dana’s next TUF golden boy to potential unemployment. On the plus side, maybe this is exactly what he needs – to go back to the minors and work all this shit out in his head. Either he’s got what it takes or Dana is right – he doesn’t want to be a fuckin fighter.