(Oh, that episode!)

We here are Fightlinker once considered liveblogging or recapping episodes of the Ultimate Fighter, but decided the cost of installing Foxconn style suicide netting around FL HQ for whoever wrote them was too high. Plus we assume that no self respecting MMA fan watches TUF any more and at least half of the show’s remaining 600k viewers are senior citizens who have fallen asleep in front of their televisions.

Other more responsible MMA websites continue to force some poor bastard to watch the Ultimate Fighter Clockwork Orange style so they can then spit out some sort of compelling write up about each episode. Six recaps in and some of these guys are really starting to lose it. From open contempt to overtures of ‘please kill me’ hidden between the lines, here’s a couple highlights from the latest batch of recaps.

Bloody Elbow:

I try, honestly I do. Every week I try to not only watch, but also write up a recap, research the fighters who have won… in short, be an invested viewer. But it’s not easy. This season has really tested my patience.

MMA Mania:

Oh look, we’re doing the “losing locker room anguish” vs. “winning team joy” opener.


MMA Torch:

The house antics on this show have devolved to grown men eating other people’s food and throwing the rest out. Which then led to another major argument involving Matt Secor, again. This time with Michael Hill, and they yelled at each other about the chicken that was thrown out. That’s something I just sat and watched.


“I’m gonna knock you out, and then I’m gonna cup a fart in your face,” Hill informs his would-be foe.

Sports Myriad

Next week, we seem to have a bit more conflict among Team Nelson, and Carwin considers a tertiary career as a voice-over artist for self-hypnosis tapes.

Bloody Elbow:

As for the rest of the show – I wasn’t joking when I said one of the current big stories is largely about farting on each other. And hey, that’s also featured prominently in the preview for next week’s episode. Get excited folks!

I for one look forward to the very special all farts episode of the Ultimate Fighter. This finally seems like something Roy Nelson could excel at.