I know what I want for Christmas! A replacement vagina / anus compartment for my RealDoll. The current one hasn’t been the same since the earwig infestation. My fault for not properly cleaning the mayo out of it, I suppose. But if Santa isn’t willing to drop 2000 bucks on that, I’ll happily take this sexy bitch of a boxed set instead: The 2011 UFC Ultimate Fight Collection. 20 DVDs, 40 hours, 170 fights.

It’s actually more of a 2010-2011 thing, covering the 24 events that happened between July 2010 to June 2011. At roughly 10 fights per event, that means you’re getting about 70% of the fights that happened in one shweet package. I can only hope turds such as Joey Beltran vs Rolles Gracie and Frank Mir vs Mirko Crocop were purged from existence like so many Stalin-era Russian politicos. It comes out November 8th at Best Buy and a month later everywhere else. Not too shabby for 140 bucks.