For over an hour on Sunday, the UFC’s website was hacked and redirected to, the website of an anti-SOPA hacker group with a stylized portrait of Adolf Hitler on the front page of their website. UGNazi’s misspelled target list includes “” and… well, nothing else. But this group is still very, very scary, trust me. Something about the inventive spelling of the word “arn’t” on the UGNazi target list makes me wonder whether these people are truly über-1337 H4X0RZ or whether they’re more like the person who realized that Tito Ortiz’ naked pics were posted completely publicly on twitter.

Regardless, the fact that even racist people who like cartoons and couldn’t pass second grade spelling want to take down the UFC website casts light on the ire the UFC has drawn from many of its fans regarding its support for legislation like PIPA and SOPA. Zuffa’s general counsel even wrote an op-ed piece for the Las Vegas Review Journal (the UFC’s hometown paper) about how rogue websites are naughty and need a spanking.

At the risk of stepping on Zach Arnold’s turf once again after my post about Ben Henderson’s Asianness, it was a colossally stupid move for the UFC to touch this debate even if they stole Mauro Ranallo’s 25-centimeter pole to do it. The entire debate will be decided by entities with far larger political e-peens than the UFC has (if you want to be a big player in Washington, how about getting your sport legalized in New York first?), and so the only thing the UFC could possibly do by sticking its nose into this is alienate the very people who fund its existence. The closer one follows the sport of MMA, the more money one probably gives to the UFC. But it’s also true that the more MMA one watches, the less likely it is that one can watch all the MMA one wants to watch by strictly squeaky-clean means.

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Still, Dana White hasn’t been shy in the past about saying that the FBI will show up at your door if you pirate a UFC event. The UFC has even sued websites to get them to stop streaming UFCs. But with all the SOPA and PIPA stuff going on now, it magnifies everything by the velocity of the enema milk we’re now prevented from watching due to the shutdown of MegaUpload, and people are getting pissed off. I myself have been extremely testy since MegaUpload’s shutdown cut off my access to perfectly fair use fan-made My Little Pony porn, and I too want heads to roll… at least the heads of websites.

In the end, as Joe Rogan would say, you can’t stop the Internet. But the UFC doesn’t need to actually do anything, and indeed, SOPA doesn’t even need to be passed, in order to shut down a boatload of filesharing sites. After MegaUpload was shut down, FileSonic and Uploaded decided they would cut their losses and close the gates before they ended up as Joe Son’s new cellmates. It could very well be only a matter of time before they use existing laws to take aim at video streaming and video hosting sites (on which I would never THINK of watching pirated MMA) as well. We might as well start calling our overlords the “MPAA US Government”, a-la the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Dana White responded to the hacking in a way that would make us cheerfully say “Oh, that’s our Dana” if it didn’t involve the UFC website redirecting to a picture of Adolf Hitler as a doe-eyed character from Bambi: