Well here’s something that should simplify the lives of everyone in Canada:

All UFC content in Canada moves to the newly re-branded Sportsnet 360 channel starting Monday. Like in the U.S. starting in mid-August with the new Fox Sports 1, Wednesday night being UFC destination night.

Beginning this week, there will be four hours of UFC programming in prime time every Wednesday on the station. It used to be known as The Score until purchased by Rogers cable and being re-branded. The Score has largely been the secondary sports channel in Canada behind TSN, which would be Canada’s closest equivalent to ESPN.

All UFC television fight cards will air live on Sportsnet 360, with live fights mostly on Wednesdays and Saturdays going forward. UFC news shows, countdown shows, feature shows, UFC Unleashed and the new season of The Ultimate Fighter, the latter starting in September, with the key programming will be the key facts of the Wednesday night block.

Lemme tell you, the last year and a bit with the UFC on the US-only FUEL and FX channels has been a real bitch. You never knew if an event was gonna be ported over to Sportsnet, the Score, or some bogus sub-channel of the two that wasn’t even available through your cable provider. At least if you didn’t have FUEL you knew you were fucked. In Canada, you never know until the week of an event if an FX show or TUF Finale was gonna be watchable.

Now (just like in America), the UFC’s TV situation sounds a whole lot more stable. As in it’s not being used by TV execs to try and convince people to sign up for some obscure SPORTSNET 6 THE OCTO channel.