Yup, it’s time for another round of hot, steamy Fightlinker chat! Except this time, we get to chat about an ant circus! I know there are many of you who fap to Jordan Breen and have therefore heard the word “Urushitani” until you find it as soothing as the word “syphilis,” but for the rest of us who think of women’s dresses or Hawaiian luaus when we hear the word, we’ll get to pop our high-level flyweight MMA cherry by seeing his scrap with Joseph Benavidez and the one between Demetrious Johnson and “Uncle Creepy” Ian McCall. Oh yeah, and Thiago “Pee Pee Man” Alves is fighting Martin Kampmann too.

The prelims start at 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific, which is the earliest start in recent memory for a UFC event occurring on a weekday. This leads to all kinds of white people problems, such as “My boss won’t let me stream MMA on my work computer” and the ever-popular “My whole damn weekend is going to be booked with awesome UFC and Strikeforce shows.” But these are pretty good problems to have if you’re an MMA fan. So if you’re an East coast 9-to-5’er, a Californian jobless wonder, or a European meth addict, join us!