UFC on FOX Sports 1 1 is almost complete now with the stealing addition of Sonnen vs Nog and co-main Cerrone vs Dos Anjos but the work is never done for my second favorite dwarf after Tyrion Lannister, Joe Silva. He’s already hard at work on August 28th’s UFC on FOX Sports 1 2, which now has:

  • Martin Kampmann vs Carlos Condit 2
  • Sara McMann vs Sarah Kaufman
  • Paulo Thiago vs Kelvin Gastelum
  • Court McGee vs Robert Whittaker
  • James Head vs Bobby Voelker
  • Brad Tavares vs Robert McDaniel
  • Justin Edwards vs Brandon Thatch

With no better naming convention being offered from the Zuffa gods on high, I was thinking we should all just agree to drop the 1 in UFC Fox Sports 1 events because it’s not like we call ESPN ‘ESPN 1’ … that number shit need only apply to ESPN 2, 3, 4, etc and even then just until people come up with semi-witty nicknames like The Deuce (heh) and The Ocho.

But maybe we should delay this renaming until after UFC on FOX Sports 1 2 because otherwise you’ve got UFC on FOX Sports 2 and fuck cock shitballs, now I have no idea what goddamn channel or event we’re talking about any more. It almost makes you wanna go back to the days where every UFC event had a cheeseball name like ‘Ultimate Field of Dreams’, ‘Bad Boyz’, and ‘Ill Will.’