If you ever needed more proof that Winnipeg was built over one of those evil Indian burial grounds, here it is. The card has fallen apart gypsy curse style, and now that the UFC has arrived in town and ignored the sprits’ hints to GEEEEET OOOOUUUUUT, they went and messed up Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis.

Pettis’ coach Duke Roufus told MMAFighting.com on Friday that Pettis “popped his knee” while training in Brazil this week. Pettis was in Brazil to promote his UFC 163 title fight against Jose Aldo.

When he flew back to Milwaukee, Pettis was still complaining about the knee, so he went to get MRI. That confirmed his worst fears: Torn meniscus. Four-to-six weeks of rehab needed.

As a result, Dana White announced on Friday that Aldo will now defend his title against Chan Sung Jung on Aug. 3.

Roufus said Pettis “begged” White to keep him on the card. He tried to convince his coach that he only needed three serious weeks to train for the fight, but the UFC didn’t want to take that risk, for Pettis’ sake.

“[The UFC] said, ‘No, you got to be healthy,'” Roufus said. “I’m glad they’re looking out for his best interests, too.”

That goes against most peoples’ expectations of how the UFC behaves in situations like this – I was expecting a more Alexander Gustafsson reaction. But ya can’t do a 360 degree backflip kick off the cage with a torn meniscus, and I think the UFC sees this match up as one of those rare superfights that will actually deliver the goods and perhaps take the sport to the next level. Why rush it? What’s a few more months to see a legit superfight? Everything will be fine.

Unless the Korean Zombie has anything to say about it, that is.