Lorenzo Fertitta recently posted on Twitter that Breast Cancer Awareness Month refused support from the UFC during its October boob-a-thon. We’re not sure whether the UFC offered to make its fighters wear pink gloves, have Roy Nelson demonstrate how to inspect oneself for lumps, or make an exception to its rule against co-promoting by booking Rosie the Riveter to fight Wonder Woman in a special lasso vs. wrench match, but whatever it was, that snooty old breast cancer wouldn’t deign to have its awareness promoted by the UFC.

For fuck’s sake, breast cancer. Can’t you stop uncontrollably growing for a second and realize that any attention is good attention? This isn’t like Ashleymadison.com trying to get the New York football stadium naming rights; no harm could possibly come of this. It’s not like a woman is going to say “well, I was going to get a mammogram, but because I hate the UFC I’ll do the opposite of whatever they say.” And what about the 450-500 men per year who will die of breast cancer, and who may be watching the UFC? We could certainly sympathize with their plight if we ever stop giggling at their plight.

Pretty much every other major sport does something to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it boggles the mind that someone at BCAM finds MMA evil and poopy enough to justify turning down free promotion. Cancer ain’t gonna research itself, and maybe, just maybe, a few of the people who have enough disposable income to shell out hundreds if not thousands per year on UFC events would have been coaxed into donating if the UFC did some promotion. But I guess the donations and possible earlier diagnoses produced by the UFC’s support aren’t as important as “OMGZ HUMAN COCKFIGHTING”.