While I was away from Fightlinker over the past year, besides having sex in every corner of New York City (NSFW link to my other blog; big boobs), I noticed the emerging trend of fighters turning down fights. Well, I neglected to discuss another, slightly less disturbing trend: fighters acting as their own matchmakers via Twitter.

The latter trend has reared its blonde (i.e., dumb but kinda sexy) head again, as UFC Matchmaker Chael Sonnen has matched himself with Rashad Evans. Matchmaker Sonnen was also charitable enough to provide Evans with the date and event at which the UFC will schedule their fight: November 16 and UFC 167. Evidently, he even had an event poster designed for the occasion:


The inclusion of an event poster for a fight that hasn’t been booked by the actual UFC matchmakers is only slightly less presumptuous than a hamburger saying it has a chance against Butterbean. Is Sonnen being paid two salaries for this? Overall, having UFC Matchmakers Joe Silva and Sean Shelby beholden to one more factor in fight booking is probably not a good thing. Although self-matchmaking gets in the way of things less than fighters refusing fights, it also motivates fighters to only call out those with whom their fights will generate the most revenue. Further, the matchups that are truly demanded by the fans for actual fight-related reasons will probably be in the matchmakers’ minds regardless. However, if Sonnen has to do this, I at least give him credit for doing it in style. I look forward to Sonnen staging a full-on press conference for a nonexistent event the next time he has an opponent in mind.