Two years after the Vancouver press attached a gay-bashing incident to a UFC event going on in the area the same night, we’re still no closer to knowing if the guys accused of the crime were even at the fights:

David Holtzman and Peter Regier suffered concussions, cuts and bruises in an assault outside their apartment near Rogers Arena. On the night of the alleged attack, an Ultimate Fighting Championship event took place at the arena. Holtzman has said it was a homophobic hate crime and linked to the UFC event. Police investigated the incident as a hate crime.

Parminder Singh Peter Bassi, aged 30 in June 2010, and Ravinder Robbie Bassi, then aged 27, have pleaded not guilty.

The court heard that a building resident who witnessed the incident identified Parminder Bassi as a member of his soccer team in Richmond. Later, a Vancouver police officer also viewed a video of the alleged assailants running from the attack, and identified Parminder Bassi as a member of the Richmond soccer team.

No one seems to care about clearing up the UFC connection even though it appears in half the headlines and articles about the case. I guess they’re too busy trying to establish if this was a gay bashing hate crime or not. That led to some interesting details on the confrontation itself:

As Regier and Holtzman got to the door of their building, the men asked if they were f*ggots, Regier said. “They actually asked the question: ‘What are you two? Are you two f*ggots?'”

Regier said Holtzman responded, “‘Yes, I am gay’ and one of them said ‘F*ck you, suck my cock.'”

Regier said Holtzman’s response was, “‘It isn’t even hard.'”

Classic. That snap was totally worth getting beaten up over.