Last week, the UFC descended into PURE FASCISM by dropping a ridiculous edict down on its fighters from on high:

“Per Jackie, effective immediately, fighters and talent traveling on press tours and PR/marketing-related appearances are no longer permitted to wear shorts or flip flops. Jeans are acceptable and shoes are a must.”

And while Urijah Faber has yet to comment (I doubt that bro has a pair of full length pants in his house), Benson Henderson is not impress:

Mwahahaha!!! Guess @ufc decided to make it official…I’m a start calling them the NBA…guess it’s one thing to be encouraged to do or dress one way & entirely another thing to be told to do or dress one way…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m gonna dress how my employers want but doesn’t mean I gotta be happy about it…”Don’t let the man hold you down” “Fight the power” “You can take my life but you can never take my FREEDOM!!!”

A lot of people are all blah blah blah this will help with mainstream acceptance of the sport, but it feels like just one more step towards making their athletes seem as bland and milquetoast as possible – consider it media camouflage to hide all the crazy hiding under the surface of these uber-rich crazy peoples’ lives.

It could and probably will get worse – most leagues make dudes suit up whenever they’re doing anything official, be it press conferences or just showing up to the arena and passing by a few cameras on the way to the dressing room. Will all ‘hip hop culture’ wear be barred soon too like in the NBA? Could this soon spell the end of Affliction style dragon and cross vomit shirts? That might make all this PC creep worth it, but by Satan I may shit on those shirts, but I’ll argue pointlessly on some website for a fighter’s right to wear them.