The idiot formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver has been dumped by the UFC. There are many many reasons and you should read the entire MMA Junkie report on it to understand the whole story, but here’s the Coles notes. Koppenhaver

  • turned down a fight because the opponent was too good and too unknown
  • wrote a blog claiming Even Tanner killed himself (dumb) and basically blamed it on the UFC not paying fighters enough (dumber)
  • was a gigantic douchemaster

Let’s not forget that people have been putting the pressure on the UFC to ditch Koppenhaver for a while. Every time someone would misbehave in the UFC, all fingers would point to War Machine being allowed to stay after narrowly avoiding jail for gangbanging some poor dude. Also considering he didn’t even last a minute against Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 84 and you’ve got a guy who was way more trouble than he’d ever be worth.

Honestly, the guy is a fucking scumbag idiot and the embodiment of every persona I hate in the fight world. Normally I’m a good natured hater, but in this case I say good riddance to bad trash.