Variety Magazine reported today that the UFC will broadcast four pay-per-view events per year in 3D theatres, starting with the February 4th event. The broadcasts will happen in 120 theatres across the US, which means that Canada might get shafted just in time to miss the 3D skull-bashing action during Georges St. Pierre’s fight with Carlos Condit. The theater broadcast will hopefully be have better production than UFC on Versus 3, the UFC’s previous foray into 3D broadcast; that event had poppy-outy infographics and fight footage, but it also featured us being force-fed the dog shit taco of Kenny Florian’s big 3D nose in the commentary booth along with annoying WEC announcer Todd Harris. Because it’s in a theater, the events will not fall victim to the resolution halving that can take place on TVs.

A few questions remain to be answered, such as, will the octagon girls finally take off their tops in honor of this occasion? Will they rip us off mercilessly for one of the theater tickets, and how hard will the tickets be to get? And finally, will the theatres also add Smell-O-Vision just in case another fighter craps his pants?

(gif via 3ERD, story via MiddleEasy, where they also link to pictures of a cute girl in a 3D glasses dress.)