It’s times like this that I hate living in a capitalist society with a well developed fuck-you-in-the-ass PPV system rather than lefto socialisto England where the UFC bends over backwards to show UFC 100 to everyone for free:

British UFC fans have two ways of experiencing the greatest night in mixed martial arts history live: on Sky Channel 433 and online at Fans will be able to catch all the action from the biggest fight night of the year completely free of charge.

As an exciting bonus to British fans, Sky Channel 433’s UFC 100 coverage will begin at 9pm, Saturday, as a 9-hour UFC marathon gets underway with all five episodes of the ‘UFC’s Top 100 Fights’.

This will be followed by the official ‘Countdown to UFC 100’ program which then leads into 3am, where the spotlight turns to Las Vegas, as the biggest MMA show of all time goes LIVE.

UK fight fans unable to join the televised action on Sky Channel 433 need not worry, though, for they can also catch every punch, kick and submission at UFC 100 by logging on to

It will be interesting to see how tight they lock up the stream … the last time they did a region stream was that anti-Affliction 1 Silva vs Irvin card and all it took was a simple proxy service for anyone in the ‘blocked’ North American region to spoof their location and watch the event. But that was a free show, so who knows how tight this event will be locked up? All I know is if they slack on the security, there’s going to be a lot of non-British people saving 45 bucks this weekend.

Personally, we’ll be watching the event via the official Yahoo Sports stream, which is about as rock solid a viewing option as you can get if you don’t have a fancy dancy cable or satellite service.