UFC President Dana White revealed during the UFC on Fox press conference that the “Gladiator Man” intro for PPV cards is being changed. According to MMA Mania:

The UFC gladiator intro is no more, according to promotion president Dana White, who said in the Aug. 18 press conference with FOX that “We’re gonna change everything, graphics, show openings for pay-per-views and fight nights. We’re going to enhance the look and feel. The gladiator (PPV) opening is going away.”

Sure, many if not most fans of the UFC wondered why this move had not been made years ago, but now that he has been publicly executed, many in the twittersphere are sharing their fondest recollections of our dearly departed Wurriur:

@jordanbreen: What are your favorite Gladiator Man memories? I always liked when he rubbed the sand between his hands to up the grip on his sword.

@kenfoss1: The way he tightened those straps… so sassy

@archcam: I liked the part where he was a gladiator.

@ArronHogg: his anonymity and the fact he will forever be known as Gladiator Man.

@maggiehendricks: I liked the walking.

@UhKnowThis: i will never forget when he was enveloped by fake sunlight. rip me into pieces 🙁

@ChuckMindenhall: I liked when he stepped into the tunnel and got preparedeth for battle.

@VakAttack: I’ll miss his musk.

Ever notice that when someone who nobody really likes dies, people still always find tons of nice things to say about him? For me, Gladiator Man simply represented one last opportunity to check my email or be a smartass to others before the event started. This of course leaves us wondering what the new intro will be. My vote goes to a montage of the chef from Hell’s Kitchen chopping up former UFC fighters whose services are no longer needed, but MMA Junkie’s John Morgan has another appealing idea:

Dana says PPV look will be updated, including show intros. Robots dressing up as gladiators, perhaps?

Although it was not explicitly mentioned during the press conference, one hopes the musical component of the intro, “Face the Pain” by Stemm, will also be replaced; the musical montage for the new TUF promo consisted of Metallica and Eminem. Yay, we’ve gone from 2002 to 2008 musically. And now Stemm can quit complaining that they only got paid fifty bucks and a case of Mickey’s Malt Liquor for a song that the UFC has literally played a bazillion jillion googlevermillion times.