Draws have never been a major issue in North American MMA. Sure, they happen from time to time but before Frankie / Gray 2 and Penn / Fitch they’d never really reared their ugly heads in the UFC. Now it sounds like the UFC wants to make sure they have all their bases covered. Check out what Demetrious Johnson says they’ve added into the contracts for the upcoming 4-man flyweight championship tournament:

“I don’t know if anybody has said anything about it, and this is the first time I’m mentioning it, is that we (McCall and himself) had to sign for a ‘sudden death’ bout. If it goes to three rounds, and the judges can’t decide who the winner is, then we’ll do a fourth round.”

I’ve always loved sudden death rounds in K-1 … they did them to the point of insanity where sometimes you’d have two or even three in a row to determine a winner. Epic moments were had, and fighters occasionally ragefaced as they were forced to fight another round of a match they thought they’d already won. But it certainly beats an anti-climactic draw, and now we have a tiny, tiny chance that we’ll see sudden death in the UFC.

Unfortunately, you probably shouldn’t expect this to become as common as the five round main event. The UFC’s flyweight tournament goes down in Australia, one of the international locations where the UFC takes care of a lot of it’s own regulating. Stuffy athletic commissions in the US probably wouldn’t be as open to the suggestion, even though it represents pure awesome for fans everywhere. Hopefully that will change someday. If judges are ever going to have the balls to score extremely close rounds 10-10, it’d be nice if we had a way to then deal with the inevitable draws that would follow.