Okay peeps. As mentioned on our latest edition of the Low Blow, Jake and I are hopping on a bus and traveling the 21 hours from Montreal to Cincinnati for the UFC 77 show this weekend. Why the bus and not a private jet? It’s a long story, but to simplify things lets just say it’s Jake’s fault. Totally and completely Jake’s fault.

Anyways, the important thing is that we’re gonna be in town from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. Most of our time will probably be spent following the MMAJunkie guys around calling them names, but if any of the readers are also gonna be around it would be cool for us to discuss in here and maybe set up some kinda meeting at a bar or one of the UFC parties or whatnot.

With all the fighters we’ve told off over the past year, I feel like there’s safety in numbers and perhaps I’ll be able to escape from Ohio without a beating. And on a plus side this could also be a good opportunity to lynch Kevin Iole if we run into him.