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More chatter on how Hendo vs Shogun should have been judged. First, Dana White:

“Without a doubt, it was one of the top three best fights ever in MMA, without a doubt. I have so much respect for both of those guys to dig down that deep in a five round fight. That was like our Ali-Frazier three you know what I mean, it was incredible. This is one of those tough fights. In the first round, they both knocked each other down, you give Henderson the first three rounds, you give Shogun four, and you give Shogun 10-8 in the last round for a dominate round; it’s a draw. It’s one of those tough ones but that’s how I scored it. But who the hell am I?”


And here’s Hendo after the fight with an IV stuck in his arm talking about how he thought things went. He argues that he shoulda won a 10-8 round somewhere in those first three. And now Shogun, who unsurprisingly thinks he should have won as well:

“I don’t know how the judges scored the last round. It could have been or should have been a 10-8 round. But that doesn’t take anything away from Dan Henderson. He is a legend and those are the type of fights that create a legacy,” said Rua.

Rua is looking forward to seeing a replay of the fight.

“I’m going to rest with my family now and take care of myself. Then I’m going to go back and look at the tapes. I want a rematch and I think this would be another great battle and one the fans would definitely want to see,” said Rua.

I hate going to Fightmetric with all this because I always reserve the right to say they’ve got their shit wrong, but here’s what they’re saying. On the 10 point must system, the fight ‘should have’ been a draw, but via their wacky performance calculations, Shogun did more to win.

Maybe Dana White was right: this fight was a bit too bloody for the feint of heart. Check out Dan Henderson’s shorts following the fight!

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Here’s Michael MacDonald winning last night’s KO award. The UFC threw in two Fight of the Night bonuses, going to Wanderlei Silva vs Cung Le and Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua. Urijah Faber rounds things up with his sub over Brian Bowles. All fighters received 70k.

Speaking of Urijah Faber, he just may be one of the coaches for the new live season of TUF:

“We’ve got some ideas we were getting together tonight and talking about,” White said. “We’ve got to talk to Urijah and Cruz first. Cruz just had hand surgery, so he’s out for a little bit, but we have an idea. We have a plan.”

When Faber made the suggestion that he and Cruz could be the coaches for Season 15 of “Ultimate Fighter,” White raised his eyebrows as if to confirm that the pair have been discussed as possible candidates.

As for what’s next for Dan Henderson…

“He could do 185 or 205, he could do both. He can fight in both weight classes,” White told the post-event press conference. But he said that Henderson’s decision might depend more on when he can get a title fight than against who.

“I’m sure it would be a matter of timing. I’m sure with him, it would be whichever one he could get first,” he explained.

Interestingly enough, it sounds like Anderson Silva is even less likely than Jon Jones … rumor has it his shoulder injury may keep him out until June.

Not so pretty any more are you, mister movie star???