(Here’s Brock seconds before he gets hit in the face with a steel chair by the Undertaker)

The dust from UFC 121 has settled and now it’s time to look back on some fond memories (Brock getting smashed) and not so fond memories (Jake Shields, Gabriel Gonzaga) in the form of pictures! You can see more awesome shots straight from the sources: MMA Fighting, Heavy, MMA Junkie, and Yahoo all have great galleries from the event.

Brock diversifies and gives his muay thai a shot. Unfortunately his chicken legs don’t seem to do as much damage as his canned ham fists.

Never turn your back on a Mexican.

Brock Lesnar pulling a Bob Sapp

Good has triumphed over evil and Mexico now has it’s first* Mexican** champion!

*He’s not actually the first
**He’s not technically Mexican

This is as close to a hug as Brock allows men to give him.

Cain Velasquez shows off the hardware

This is the face Jake Shields always makes when everyone inevitably boos the fuck out of him after winning.


This picture captures the essence of Schaub / Gonzaga perfectly

Ringside doctors administered a rape kit to Patrick Cote after his ‘fight’ with Tom Lawlor

Sam Stout takes one on the chin

Jake Shields shows how to perform a sexual act called ‘Anus Dinner’

As if all the other indignities suffered by former PRIDE powerhouses weren’t bad enough, Gilbert Yvel just got pasted by a tubby TUF reject. The horror!