A week or so back, there were strong-ish rumours from multiple sources that Ubereem and Dana White’s little pissing contest was not only dribbling to a end, but Alistair was making the leap to the UFC to boot.  Much like that time you heard from multiple independent sources that your mom likes it rough, there was truth to these tales too.

Current bench-rider Frank Mir declared that he wanted a piece of that horsemeat, but I guess the combination of Mir’s last two less-than-awesome fights and Overeem’s shitshow with Werdum was enough to convince the Zuffa brass to go big for The Reem’s UFC debut.  And so it will now be a battle of the huge totally-not-roided hype machines, as Overeem will meet Brock Lesnar at an as-yet un-numbered (UFC 141?) event on December 30th in Las Vegas.

“Brock is a big name, a dangerous guy, and this is a dream matchup,” Overeem told The Times on Tuesday, just after signing a standard UFC fight contract in the office of Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta. “Brock’s a big guy, an exciting wrestler with his takedowns.

“I want to see this fight myself. Overall, I’m a different fighter. A striker, athletic, big. These are going to be two big trucks going at it on a collision course.”

The Dec. 30 winner will be first in line to fight the winner of a Nov. 12 fight between Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos.

“This is the fight the fans want,” UFC President Dana White said. “Both of these guys are monsters. Can Lesnar take Overeem down?”

Fertitta said the Strikeforce belt won’t be part of the promotion.

Some might bitch about Brock getting a title eliminator in his first fight after losing the belt in ass-kicking fashion, but it’s not like there’s a whole lot of options.  Frank Mir’s apparently in the doghouse, Shane Carwin’s riding two losses, and… yeah, there’s really no one else unless they want to test if Big Nog got his chin repaced at the same time as his hips and knees.  And that dangling carrot was already in place for Brock’s fight with Dos Santos, but he went and got TKO’d by poopgut first, so they basically owe it to him.  Meanwhile, the Strikeforce heavyweight strap officially joins the growing pile in a dusty closet in Scott Coker’s basement.

But fuck all that noise anyway.  The point is, this is a blockbuster fight that’ll test both if Brock can handle another powerful striker, and if Overeem can handle some UFC-style wrestling.  Whose cuisine reigns supreme, horsemeat or venison?  PLACE-AH BETS NOW!!!!!!!11one