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Alistair Overeem met up with the nice folks at the Nevada State Athletic Commission to re-apply for his fighter’s license on Tuesday. As expected, everything went smoothly and he is cleared to fight Bigfoot Silva at UFC 156. One fact of note to come out of the meeting:

According to testimony given by NSAC’s executive director Keith Kizer, Overeem sent in five self-administered tests between June and December that were all clean. Additionally, he faced two tests through the commission, on November 16 and December 21. Likewise, he passed those screenings.

Overeem also noted that he had a new nutritionist and improved medical team put in place.

“I think we did everything we could to correct ourselves from the errors that were made,” he said during his brief hearing, which lasted just over 10 minutes. “I’m ready to get my life back on track.”

So that’s seven tests total – five of them ‘self-administered’ and two random surprise tests through the commission. Is it really all that surprising though when you know for a fact that those tests are going to happen sooner or later? Is a six month stint of testing clean when you know you’re going to be uber-tested supposed to erase the taint of getting caught red-handed back in March?