(I imagine the men were making their own TUF tryout pyramids in other hotel rooms)

Yesterday was the TUF 18 tryouts and a whoppin’ 50 women and 219 men took part. From the women, notable names included former #1 ranked Tara LaRosa, Shayna Baszler, Tonya Evinger, Kim Couture, Roxanne Modafferi (WAR ROXY!), Raquel Pennington, Valerie Letourneau, Jessamyn Duke, and boxer Andre Berto’s sister Revelina Berto. Two women absent from the tryouts: Ronda Rousey and Cat Zingano. Here’s Ronda explaining:

I have a lotta girls hitting me up saying they’re going and I just found out that I’m not allowed to go to the tryouts. I was all planning to go and I guess they don’t usually have the coaches picked while they’re having the tryouts, ike it’s a new thing that they know everything ahead of time. So I’m not going to be able to see any of them til they fight to get into the house so … I dunno. We’ll see.

And here I was thinking they were waiting until the Tate / Zingano fight was over specifically so the coaches could attend the tryouts. It’d be cool to see some of that added into The Ultimate Fighter, but I guess it ain’t happening. On the plus side, I like our chances of Roxy making it into the house. When you factor in the elimination round, they’re gonna be pulling in 16 women. 1 in 16 out of 50? I dig those odds. Add in Roxy’s fighting skills and geeky charm and how could they NOT bring her in? They’d have to be STUPID not to. BIG STUPID POOPY PANTS.

As far as the dudes are concerned, some top talent from the men’s bantamweight division showed up too. Chris Holdsworth, Josh Hill, Sirwan Kakai, and Pedro Munhoz are all highly touted prospects and veterans included Akiyo ‘Wicky’ Nishiura, Ulysses Gomez. All in all, it looks like we’re gonna have another highly talented cast of fighters to look forward to.

(pic via Roxanne Modafferi’s Twitter)