One of the reason TUF coach rivalries have cooled off over the seasons was because there were less opportunities for forced interactions. When you only see the opposing coach in the TUF gym, that limits how annoying you become for one another. That hasn’t stopped Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey from verbally sparring on the regular, but a field trip to the Red Rock Casino during Episode 3 of TUF almost turned into a coaches brawl when the two teams were forced to hang out and watch a UFC on FOX together. See, aren’t field trips great? Here’s some extra context from some of the UFC TUF bloggers:

Jessica Rakoczy:

[I]t just wasn’t a comfortable night at all. It almost felt like it was dragging with all the tension. I think we would have almost rather have been home than have been in such an awkward, uncomfortable party.

As the tension between Ronda and Miesha Tate and the coaches escalated, it felt like it was on the verge of getting very bad. The teams were all separated while they were sitting down, and it didn’t seem like anybody was enjoying the night. I don’t even remember exactly how the bickering started. All of a sudden they were just fighting.

Jessamyn Duke:

Their body language told the story. Then I heard Ronda call for coach Edmond and the Armenian mafia, as we called them. It was intense because they just came through the crowd and we thought a brawl was going to break out.

All of the assistant coaches from each team were involved. It was a much bigger crowd than it seemed on the episode. It appeared that Bryan mouthed off to Ronda, so she mouthed off right back. Then Miesha showed up to defend her boyfriend, and we all know Ronda’s feeling on that situation, so things intensified.

The comments about Ronda’s lack of striking in combination with Bryan’s comments a year ago about knocking Ronda’s teeth down her throat set Edmond off, and he was ready to throw down right there.

Julianna Pena:

I think they both had a couple drinks. That’s not to say that they were both intoxicated, but things definitely got bad right after. Ronda took her wine glass and slammed it behind the bar. Glass shattered everywhere. That’s when people in the house started to realize that something was going. Things got escalated. When (Rousey’s coach) Edmond freaked out, I thought the Armenian mafia were going to come shoot up the place for sure because he was so riled up. (Laughs.) I was kind of like, ‘Bryan, stand up! Say something!’ He was just cool, calm and collected about it, so he handled himself well. But yeah, it was pretty dramatic. Everyone was flipping out.

Even after that, when we sat down, me and Miesha were sitting on the couch and Edmond came up to us, sat down on the couch, and just got right in Miesha’s face and started talking about things that’d happened before their title fight. Then Ronda’s over there on the other side of the room, just screaming obscenities across the room about Miesha. All this stuff. ‘I’m going to break her arm again!’ They just kept it going.

Peggy Morgan:

What I do know, though, is that Ronda hates Miesha. And not just when the cameras are on, either. Ronda hates Miesha everywhere and all of the time.

For example: We’re chilling in the Team Rousey locker room before practice and Miesha walks past and calls out in a sing-song voice, “Good morning guys!” And without missing a beat, Ronda replies in the same tone, “Why don’t you go f— yourself?”

Then there’s this: The day after the “incident” at the Red Rock, I’m sitting in the sauna with Ronda, and Miesha passes by and waves to us through the glass door. Ronda jumps up and flings the door open to yell: “You won’t be waving with that arm after I f—ing rip it off, now will you?” Miesha looks over her shoulder and smirks, but keeps walking.

We’re only three episodes in and this is already shaping up to be a bitter rivalry to compete with Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock. How much of that was really real and how much was pro wrasslin still isn’t all that clear. With Ronda and Miesha, it’s just pure authentic naked hatred. Well, at least from Ronda’s side.