Gareth A Davies takes time away from combing his luscious hair to guess who will be the coaches for The Ultimate Fighter UK vs OZ:

Pearson, from Sunderland, would not confirm the details to The Telegraph yesterday, but the match-up makes sense as even though both fighters no longer train in their respective countries, Sotiropoulos is the most well-known Aussie in the UFC, while Pearson has the TUF pedigree and respect to carry the UK team against an old sporting enemy.

What is not clear is at what weight the two would meet after the series, but The Telegraph understands that the pairing are earmarked to lead the series.

While Davies regularly gets fed news directly from the UFC, ‘the Telegraph understands that the pairing are earmarked’ doesn’t sound like much confirmation at all. Maybe the UFC is just floating the idea to see what UKers think of Pearson as a coach. The Aussies don’t care, they’re just excited to be included.

In other TUF coaching news, Stephan Bonnar has an idea for the next US season:

Via MMA Junkie:

“Everyone out there please harass Dana White on Twitter to let me and Forrest coach the next season (of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’),” Bonnar told Radio ( “If he does that, I can guarantee a barn-burning slugfest.

“I won’t go for any takedowns. I won’t block any punches. I’ll just be moving forward. I’m serious I would just go and slug it out and try to top our first one. What the hell do I have to lose? I want to give the fans a good one.”

In theory, not a bad idea. In practice … eeeeh. Forrest didn’t exactly set the world on fire the last time he coached a TUF season, and that was when he was paired up with Quinton Jackson. I like Stephan Bonnar … but so does Forrest. Picking coaches who are all bro-hugs and rainbows with each other would destroy the last ounce of drama left in the show. I’m not against the fight, but I could do without the coaching bit.