I’m getting a little bit sick of the international game of musical chairs going on regarding foreign TUFs. Every week it seems like there’s a new country getting it’s own TUF, and a new schedule for when they’re going to happen. Whatever. I’m just ‘reporting’ this crap. Now it sounds like the first people getting an exotic Ultimate Fighter season will be … Brazil!

The UFC has finally, officially signed a deal to produce its first international edition of The Ultimate Fighter.

And despite UFC president Dana White’s past statements that it would probably take place in either Canada or The Philippines, it will instead take place in Brazil.

“It’s a done deal,” White said on Thursday afternoon.

White said the UFC had signed a deal to produce and air the series in Brazil, though he did not yet know exactly where it would take place. But the series is also likely to air in the U.S. Under the promotion’s new FOX deal, White said there are ongoing discussions, and that the show is likely to air on FUEL.

“Let me tell you what, if you’re a UFC fan, you want FUEL,” he said. “FUEL’s going to be loaded with all kinds of UFC programming including live fights, and live fights from other countries.”

Translation: FUEL will be the dumping ground for all the strange UFC odds and ends. Not that I’m complaining. I look forward to 3pm showings of UK fight nights and the subtitled shenanigans of foreign TUFs. The great thing about FUEL is no one gives a shit about the Jay Mohr debating show or surfing garbage they have on there right now so everything from foreign events to press conferences are a major step up.

I’m not all that surprised that Brazil seems to be ending up first in line for their own TUF. After the media bonanza and amazing response to UFC RIO, you’d have to be more brain damaged than your average TV exec to turn down an opportunity to broadcast a UFC reality series. Now we can go ahead and start speculating about who’s gonna coach the teams. I vote for Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva. The fight would probably be a slaughter, but I think Wand’s life is a small price to pay for a solid first season of EL LUTADOR ULTIMO!!!!!