I had the chance to interview the head of Evolve MMA Chatri Sityodtong a year or so ago about the expansion of MMA in Asia, and he gave me a piece of travel advice I will keep with me if I ever go to Thailand. Chatri told me that I should never attempt to rob a taxi driver, or run from paying my cab bill in Thailand, as there is a good chance they are a former Muay Thai fighter that has likely won a belt in Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok.  I believe his quote was something like ‘you will instantly know you made a terrible decision. (laughter)’

I guess the same rules apply in Brazil. While the thief in the video below likely looked out for cops before he decided to rob a random man walking down the street, he didn’t check to see if there were any taxi drivers around. Once the cab drivers realized what was going on they sprang into action. Watch as one of them knocks the man off balance and lands one of the most well-placed headkicks you will ever see in a street fight.