The UFC has had a little bit of a problem this year stocking up all their events with decent headliner fights. Be it because of injuries or just too many shows and not enough superstars, this year has seen some stinky main events over the 26 shows the UFC has produced this year. There was Rashad vs Tito, Rampage vs Hamill, Penn vs Fitch. England gets the biggest shaft with UFC 138: Leben vs Munoz, which really should be renamed UFC Fight Night UK: Leben vs Munoz. But at least we know our fight sugar daddies at Zuffa HQ are trying their best when we see stuff like this:

Aaah, so this is what Jon Jones’ mysterious Vegas meeting with Dana was all about. And here we were thinking the timing made things perfect for Rashad and Bones coaching the first live season of TUF. This is a little surprising considering how badly Jon Jones seemed to have hurt his hands and feet while wailing on Rampage Jackson two weeks ago, but I guess healing fast and being game are two traits young ass-kickers possess. I’m sure the chance to make mo money also doesn’t hurt, especially after Jones just dropped a cool 180k on a sick Bentley.

Somewhere out there, Rashad Evans is sitting on the sidelines staring at his busted up hand and wondering what he did to anger the Gods of MMA so greatly. Word is the pins in his thumb were set to come out this week but he still wouldn’t be able to start training for another three weeks. Three weeks plus your standard three month camp would have had him ready for February, but screw waiting for him. Toronto needed a headline fight and they needed it yesterday. It’s not like Machida’s gonna win anyways, so what’s the big diff?