Camps have been contacted and responses drafted to explain Rousimar Palhares’ embarrassing premature exhilaration incident halfway through the first round against Dan Miller at UFC 134. First, Paul Harris’ camp:

“Just to clarify what happened during Toquinho’s fight,” Bustamante wrote on his personal Twitter account, “he told me that he stopped because his opponent said ‘stop, stop’ when he was punching him hard. Then, he stopped [hitting] him and thought that the fight was over and went to celebrate. Who can say now that ‘Toko’ isn’t a fair fighter? He is just too naive, but he has a big heart.”

Meanwhile, in reality land:

“Dan assures me he did not say a word during that exchange,” Constantino wrote in an email to “Needless to say that with the loud crowd, the language barrier, the adrenaline rush and every other factor involved — including ‘do not stop until the ref pulls you off’ — I do not believe that Toquinho pulled up because of Dan murmuring ‘stop, stop.’ The fact remains that Dan Miller did not say ‘stop, stop’ — there is no need to argue the toughness and mettle of Dan Miller, however I just have to put the facts on the table after hearing this.”

Meanwhile, Miller went back into that fight to take an even worse beating in the second and somehow managed not to cry uncle out while Rousimar was jackhammering his skull into the mat for five straight minutes. So what to beleive? That Palhares heard Dan say something or he just got overly excited and saw Herb Dean from the corner of his eye? Herb had gotten into “I’m about to stop the fight” position, with his knee right in there. Now all we need to do is find out what Palhares’ excuse for all the cage grabbing was. He thought cheating was allowed in Brazil?

(pic via Heavy’s great UFC 134 gallery)