The ‘Todd Beard is a psycho’ story hasn’t just grown legs, it’s currently running a marathon. It wasn’t bad enough that the news broke on mainstream gossip site TMZ, but now mainstream papers are covering the situation as well. And the more the press shakes Beard’s closet, the more skeletons covered in shit keep falling out. Here’s the latest on Beard’s history and how it could affect their MMA promotion:

Couture’s complaint also noted that Beard has a history of violence against women, allegations Beard’s lawyer also denied.

Denise Zullo, with whom Beard has a daughter, has alleged in court that Beard has struck, intimidated or threatened her and has received court protection from him in the past.

In a December 31, 1997, request for a restraining order, Zullo testified that in the late summer of 1996, Beard punched her in the stomach while she was pregnant. She also testified that on May 13, 1997, she sprayed him with pepper spray to stop what she called “another of his violent, drunken outbursts.”

On Oct. 28 in Bellflower, Calif., Beard withdrew a not guilty plea and instead pleaded no contest to charges of criminal threats, in which Karlos Shaverdian alleged that Beard had threatened to kill him. Judge Charles Q. Clay III found Beard guilty and set sentencing for Jan. 28.

Beard served 30 months in a federal prison from 1993-95 after pleading guilty to three felony counts, of conspiracy, wire fraud and mail fraud. Those felony convictions may end billionaire Donald Trump’s association with Affliction’s MMA promotional company. Trump holds a gaming license in New Jersey and gaming licensees are not permitted to do business with felons.

That last paragraph is especially ominous. If you’re wondering how wrong shit can go on account of Todd Beard being a psycho, the loss of Trump is pretty damn wrong. This is all on top of people learning that Beard wants to kill one of the most beloved figures in the sport (that’s Randy, not Kim) and has a habit of sucker punching pregnant women in the oven. I wonder if Tom Atencio is on suicide watch? If he’s not, perhaps someone should check him out just to make sure Beard doesn’t kill him too in a rage along with Affliction’s reputation and business.