TJ Grant details the circumstances surrounding his title shot destroying concussion:

“I was doing jiu-jitsu in a gi, and I was on top, trying to pass the guard,” Grant explained. “My partner kind of went inverted and went to roll over. When he came back, his heel hit me in the head. It was just a good, clean shot in the head. I was kind of impressed that it didn’t f—ing knock me out. It was a really hard hit, and there were actually two impacts on the same roll. I don’t know which one did it.

“We just kept rolling after the first shot. From that point, later on in the roll he went for a sweep, and like I always would, I used my head to post out and stop it. That was right at the end of the roll, and after that I knew that I rattled my brain a little bit. I never really had a concussion that I can remember. I’ve never felt anything close to it, but it is what it is. I fought Gray a couple weeks before, and he hit me a couple of times, too. So who knows?”

“I’ve been kind of basically living like a hermit here for the past month,” Grant said. “I haven’t trained. I haven’t told really anyone except for people really close to me, obviously, and doctors. I’m just going through the process and trying to get better and really not doing too much. I’ve just been laying low.

“I was really just hoping to get healthy by this point and hopefully start some light exercise and then start training for the fight, but I just had to make a decision. I’m still not ready to go back to training, and I just made the best decision I possibly could. Maybe I’ll be healthy in a week or two, but maybe I’ll take another bump in the head. That’s not going to be good. Back-to-backs aren’t good. So I’m going to give myself a little time to heal and see what’s next for me.”

Not discussed: how concussions really fuck you up and can basically make it impossible to do anything strenuous without feeling like the world is about to backflip and your eyes are going to explode out of your skull. A lot of people are giving Grant flack for pulling out of this fight – some of them with the aforementioned conspiracy theories and others just saying he should have rubbed some dirt on it and soldiered through. But you can’t just push through the other side of a concussion – you’re only going to make things worse and increase the likelihood that some symptoms will just never go away. The fact that we see so few pull outs due to concussions is actually kinda worrisome. I wonder how many terrible performances from guys have been due to trying to compete while all junked out from them?