Gypsy Curse Lady has cut us some slack recently, leaving a large number of main event fights intact for us to enjoy so far this year. There’s still been a lot of damage to undercards, but Joe Silva has been mitigating that pain by replacing the injured fighter with an often even better name than before. And it’s in that spirit that we announce that TJ Grant is out of his UFC 164 lightweight title fight against Benson Henderson. That’s bad. But replacing him is Anthony Pettis! That’s good! Here’s Grant explaining why he’s out:

Thanks everyone for your concerns. I am healing from a concussion I suffered in BJJ of all things. I hope to be back training very soon
— TJ Grant (@TJ_Grant) July 13, 2013

Sorry all you conspiracy theorists. @danawhite / @ufc did not and could not pay me any amount of money to step aside.
— TJ Grant (@TJ_Grant) July 13, 2013

You know the sport is starting to heat up when every fight result and news item becomes fertile ground for conspiracy theories. A year ago I feel like everyone would have met this news with a grunt and a shrug. Oh, someone got INJURED you say? Wake me when that doesn’t happen. But now all eyez are on the UFC and unfortunately many of them belong to idiots.

This isn’t to say sketchy stuff doesn’t happen in MMA and we shouldn’t be vigilant. Just that this isn’t the way things go sketch in the UFC, because if they were it would come out and the legitimacy of the sport would be ruined instantly. For what? So Dana can make that big money Hendo / Pettis fight instead of waiting an extra month or three for Pettis to fight Aldo? Yeah, sounds legit bro.